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    New HIGH-END EXPERIENCE Showroom in Alimos. You will find us at 2 Kotzia Street & 72 Poseidonos Ave.

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  • Pivot Doors

    Excellent insulation with an impressive, modern aesthetic.

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  • Why Portareto?

    Because it has a wide range of products and services which aim to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in terms of safety, and service.

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  • SUPPORTareto service

    In an effort to offer our clients a complete package of after sales service, we developed the new 24hour service, SUPPORTARETO.

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    In just 2.5 hours, our highly trained crew will install your new armored door, leaving your personal space safe and clean.

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Our Products

armored security doors, locks, accessories

Security doors

Here you can choose from a wide range of security doors for your home or main entrance of your building. All of our doors are manufactured in Greece with the latest technology while taking into consideration the latest intrusion standards. Our doors are certified by various accredited laboratories in Greece and abroad. We have


Aluminium armor doors

Even the toughest environmental conditions will not be able to deprive you of aesthetics and luxury. The armored doors with aluminum investments in wood or Ral colors are designed to give your house the elegance it deserves, while addressing any weather phenomenon. You can choose the inlay that you prefer from a wide range of options between […]


Interior doors

Our company has a wide range of CPL interior doors in a variety of colors and designs. The interior doors are manufactured in Greece. Visit us to choose a door that suits your place. Specifications Construction of door: wooden door frame, type FINGERJOINT filled with stabilizing core HONEYCOMB. The door is covered on both sides […]


Windows and Doors

Frames are called all those elements which are used for closing the openings of a building’s walls. Structurally, they generally consist of frames and glazing. Exterior frames are divided into windows, doors and entrance doors and they are considered instrumental in several important features of buildings. If you’re searching for the best type of frame […]


Our Catalogue

Flip through our catalog and discover quickly and easily,
the immense variety of selected items at your disposal!

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Your Security

secure door installation, replacement locks, integrated alarm systems

Installation of security door

The installation of your security door it is not just another installation for us, but it is a guarantee for the protection of your family and property and symbolizes our efforts to be ideal. The process takes place upon request at a time that you will decide. The duration of the installation is about 2.5 […]


Replacement lock

The evolution of technology in the area of home security is unfortunately not one-sided. Aspiring burglars have discovered ways to violate the oldest security systems. An old security system is the big key locks (double bitted lock) which have a huge percentage of Greek households. Read why you need to change the lock of your […]


Stentor Alarm™ – Integrated Alarm System

Stentor: Face of Greek mythology. Achaean hero of the Trojan War who had benefited from the goddess Hera with the gift of a very loud voice. Stentor Alarm™: The innovation of our company that changes the data in home security. Features Activated and deactivated by locking and unlocking the door, alerting you with a related […]


Security certifications

Everyone in Portareto has as first priority the safety of your family. That’s why all our products are certified through a series of continuous testing and certification, so we can look you in the eyes when we deliver the keys to your new door. Our company provides security doors with burglar resistance Class 3, sound […]


Twelve tips for better security

The feeling of having a secure home is one of the most important goods and people are willing to spend large sums for that. The safety does not depend only on material goods but from series of actions that will be performed by the tenants. Some helpful tips Lock the door when you are inside […]


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