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The aluminium frames are the frames which their profile, is exclusively made with aluminum. Aluminum exists in abundance in Greece and it is a fact that 75% of all Greek frames are made with this material. It’s unique quality makes it the most suitable material for creating window frames, while it ensures that the frames will fully meet the country’s special climatic conditions. Energy aluminum frames or thermal-breaking aluminum frames as they’re called, differ from conventional ones because of their polyamide addition. The polyamide, is a material which is added in the middle of the aluminum profile, separating the inside from the outside. Because of the fact that it is a bad conductor of heat, it offers excellent extra insulation to the frame.

Why should I choose aluminium frames;

Aluminum frames, when used with appropriate materials and systems, are able to provide very high levels of sound and thermal insulation. Both of these benefits are in the first place due to their high importance. Not only for the comfortable and pleasant atmosphere they create inside, but also for their role in energy saving. By choosing aluminum frames, you can keep the interior of your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You will keep it protected by climate change and as a result, you will both limit heating costs and cooling ones.

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