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Opening Systems

Aluplast - PortaretoWindow frames allow the light to enter the premises and protect against external factors. The Aluplast IDEAL system 4000®, combines innovative window technology with a modern living aesthetic.

Thermal Insulation

The Aluplast systems have excellent thermal insulation characteristics and ensure a pleasant atmosphere indoors. With 3 to 6 chambers, rubber in the sheet and in the frame perimeter and a depth of 70 mm, the series Aluplast IDEAL 4000® offers excellent thermal insulation properties, by being a system that meets the standards of tomorrow.


Construction joinery profiles that prevent burglary, provide you with greater safety inside your walls.

Sound Insulation

Excessive noise is unpleasant and has a negative impact on the human body. With the Aluplast synthetic systems, you will have the best sound proofing effect possible guaranteed, in the frame section.


As one of the first synthetic profile manufacturing companies, Aluplast noticed the growing need for better insulation and for this reason, created the premium series Aluplast IDEAL 4000®. In these frame series, there was no compromise both in the external or in the technical characteristics. Thus, the Aluplast company set new standards in modern design and durability. The synthetic profile of Aluplast, guarantees you the maximum uniqueness and safety, for both commercial buildings and private homes.

Aluplast IDEAL 4000 classicline - Portareto 3-6 thalamic row for better insulation capacity (U-value 1,3).
Glass thickness up to 44 millimeters.
Construction depth of 70 mm.
Modern design: convex surfaces and circular flanges inside and outside.
Ability to change the hose from black to white papyrus.
Otherwise ancillary profile for situations requiring special construction.
Possibility of hidden, non-visible drainage.
Super strengthening chambers for higher stability.
Interior design for the glazing of windows.
Possibility of easy upgrading for controlled room ventilation (Regel-Air®).
Plain, round and half-surface offset sheet.
Different profile variations for various aspects (e.g. Round-line, E-Optics).
2 rubbers in the sheet’s perimeter and the frame for better tightness.
Easy separation of rubber and profile for better recycling, environmental friendly.
When used with appropriate security mechanisms, guarantees excellent burglary protection.


Discover more options with the Portareto synthetic frames sliding systems!

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