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Sliding Systems

Aluplast sliding systems - PortaretoSliding Frames 80mm

The Aluplast sliding frame of 80mm, is a superimposed frame designed to suit every modern need and aesthetic. It features a thinner sections design for greater light influx in homes, providing with bigger glass surface. These sliding systems offer excellent thermal insulation and special features, Uf value of 2,3 W/(m2*K). They feature an optimized isothermal curve, which significantly reduces water condensation in the pane connection.



Portareto Pvc 80mm sliding systems AluplastThis is a burglary secure sliding system, which uses the GU, IN LINE mechanism, locking with two latches bolted to the center of the sheet. Structurally this is a rigid PVC, which does not contain lead. It is made with primary and not recycled materials, plus it features an iron reinforcement.


Applications: Sliding windows and doors

Insulation coefficient: Uf = 2,3 W/(m2*K)
With proposed Glass: Double 5 – 15 ARGON – 4 PLANITERM ULTRA N Ug = 1,1 W/(m2*K)
Thermal frames: Uw = 1,7 W/(m2*K)
Security Mechanism: ΙΝ LINE, GU


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