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PVC Systems

Synthetic PVC frames are made of Polyvinyl chloride. PVC window frames -unlike most plastics- consist of 43% oil, while the remaining 57% is common cooking salt. This is an entirely new composition, much more refined than the one of simple plastic, which is made from rubber. Synthetic PVC windows are an innovative way of making  frames, that is on the rise in the Greek region as well.

Why should I choose synthetic PVC frames for my windows;

The PVC frames, especially compared to the common aluminium window ones, hold a significant competitive advantage. Specifically, PVC windows help with the building’s thermal insulation, where they are installed. This is possible, due to the fact that plastic is a bad conductor of heat. The significant increase of thermal insulation they provide, is especially highlighted when compared with the common aluminum window frames, which have no thermal insulation properties, except for those that also contain polyamide.

You can learn more about Portareto’s polyamide infused, aluminium frames, or contact us for more information regarding your specific needs.

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