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Windows and Doors

Frames are called all those elements which are used for closing the openings of a building’s walls. Structurally, they generally consist of frames and glazing.

Exterior frames are divided into windows, doors and entrance doors and they are considered instrumental in several important features of buildings. If you’re searching for the best type of frame options, that will meet the needs of your particular space, you should take into account all of the following parameters and their importance to your room:Opening Systems Europa - Sliding systems Europa - Portareto Frames

  • day-lighting
  • thermal insulation
  • acoustic insulation
  • safety
  • space saving
  • and of course, the cost

These are key factors that should always be considered by the prospective consumer, so that they are able to choose the most efficient solution, for each space.

According to a new survey, the consumption for heating and cooling of buildings, amounts for the 40% of the total energy consumption in the European Union. The frames are a major cause of excessive energy consumption when the selection is made incorrectly or hastily. Indeed, the right decision for the frame and glazing will significantly help to improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Door and window frames are divided into these categories

Do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can assist you in making the best choice according to the specific needs of your space.

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