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Stentor Alarm™ – Integrated Alarm System

Stentor: Face of Greek mythology. Achaean hero of the Trojan War who had benefited from the goddess Hera with the gift of a very loud voice.

Stentor Alarm™: The innovation of our company that changes the data in home security.

Stentor alarm leaflet
An individual alarm system built inside a security door which alarmed if someone burgles the lock, drilling or punching the door.


Activated and deactivated by locking and unlocking the door, alerting you with a related sound.

It has sensors that activate the built-in siren:

  • In the case of punching
  • In violation of the defender
  • In an effort of drilling the sheet metal
  • Includes led that light the area when you unlock the door.
  • Requires 2 9volt batteries that last up to 5 years.
  • 3 year warranty.



  • Simple and fast installation process*.
  • Completely self-contained, without connection to a power supply.
  • Built-in, it is not seem to exist.
  • Loud 80 db siren that prevents any burglar.
  • Low cost.

The installation process alarm lasts about 30 minutes and is possible in models Vesta 16 & Premium 22. In the above models included free pre-installation.

Can be installed on models from other manufacturers if they meet certain conditions. For more information call 210 98 10 000.

The installation of Stentor Alarm ™ requires a cylinder lock (small key). To see all the new models of locks click here.

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