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Twelve tips for better security

The feeling of having a secure home is one of the most important goods and people are willing to spend large sums for that. The safety does not depend only on material goods but from series of actions that will be performed by the tenants.

Some helpful tips

  1. Lock the door when you are inside the house.
  2. When you are going away for some time, do not make the mistake of leaving the lights on . They have the same effect as you have them off. The static shows that you are away. Alternatively you can set the lights with a timer.
  3. Avoid palliatives. Fake cameras or alarm boxes do not offer you protection . Experienced burglars are able to recognize them very easily.
  4. When you are away do not leave the keys under the mat or near the door. It is better to give them to a trusted neighbor.
  5. During a long absence, talk to a family member to check occasionally the place. Alternatively ask from the neighbor.
  6. When you buy or rent an apartment , immediately change the existing lock. In the case of rent , do not throw away the old as it may be requested by the owner when you vacant the home.
  7. Change is also required if you lose your keys.
  8. Motion sensors connected to the external lighting system , it is possible to deter burglars .
  9. Carefully close all doors and windows before you leave.
  10. Do not give a reference for your program to people you do not know well .
  11. During your long absence, authorize someone or your neighbor to receive your mail, so they do not pile and seems that you are out.
  12. Do not put tags on your keys. If you lost them, it is easier for the burglar to invade your space.
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